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The Bachelor

IMDB: 3.1

2002, 24 seasons to date

Game-Show / Reality-TV / Romance

By Mike Fleiss

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A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.

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Season 1

Season 13

Season 14

  • Episode #14.4

    The Bachelor surprises the nine remaining women with a road trip up the picturesque California coast. One lucky woman will snag an intimate date with Jake at a beautiful winery, but it will be up to the Bachelor to see if opposites really do attract. Six women will accompany Jake on a wild day of dune buggying, but with just one rose, the competition turns fierce. A romantic date with two anxious bachelorettes has Jake wondering if he can make a difficult choice. But, in the end, he makes some heartbreaking and shocking decisions that lead to unexpected exits, setting...

    Episode #14.4
  • Episode #14.5

    The pressure is really on, as Jake struggles to decide which four women he will escort home to meet their families. But first, the five remaining bachelorettes end their adventurous road trip in the romantic city of San Francisco. This week there will three individual dates and one two -on-one date, but no roses are at stake. The rivalry between the women intensifies and tensions are running high as their feelings for Jake grow.

    Episode #14.5
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Season 15

  • Episode #15.3

    Tensions are already mounting among the 17 remaining bachelorettes and resentment runs high when it's revealed there'll be two special one-on-one dates - each with a rose at stake - and a group date. And once again, some women will not get a date at all. Ashley S. gets to duet with Brad at the famed Capitol Records studio when a surprise visit by superstar recording artist Seal makes this a once-in-a-lifetime date. Then Brad gets down and dirty with 12 very competitive bachelorettes when they shoot their own action adventure movie, as they battle to become his leading...

    Episode #15.3
  • Episode #15.4

    The drama continues to escalate as 14 fortunate bachelorettes try to stake their claim to Brad's heart. But the week gets off to a mysterious start when one baffled bachelorette wakes up with a black eye - and has no clue about how she got it. Did she fall while sleep walking or is it just a disturbing ploy to get Brad's attention? The Bachelor has an underwater fantasy in mind when he takes Chantal on a one-on-one date to beautiful Catalina Island, but the thought of submerging to the ocean floor has the nervous bachelorette wondering if she left her sense of ...

    Episode #15.4
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Season 16

  • Episode #16.3

    The 18 remaining bachelorettes travel to the lush vineyards of Ben's hometown of Sonoma, California. Tears flow as the bachelorettes engage in cat fights for Ben's attention.

    Episode #16.3
  • Episode #16.4

    Ben and the ladies explore the majestic mountains of Park City, Utah. Country music superstar Clay Walker serenades one couple and Emily's competitive strategy causes a firestorm.

    Episode #16.4
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Season 17

  • Episode #17.3

    A potentially record-breaking kiss, an amusement park adventure, a concert from ELI YOUNG BAND and one bachelorette takes a tumble. Plus, Sean shocks before the rose ceremony.

    Episode #17.3
  • Episode #17.4

    Tears and accusations take center stage as the women tackle new challenges and clash trying to get closer to Sean. Plus, Leslie H. is treated to a luxurious one-on-one date.

    Episode #17.4
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Season 18

  • Episode #18.2

    In the 18th edition of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, the sexy single father from Miami, Florida, is ready to find love. With his Spanish accent, good looks, salsa moves and undying devotion to his young daughter, Juan Pablo, 32, was a fan favorite on the ninth edition of The Bachelorette with Desiree Hartsock. In the season premiere, Juan Pablo is enjoying some time with his adorable daughter, Camila, when he is surprised by a visit from former Bachelor Sean Lowe. Sean offers some pointers on how Juan Pablo should handle his romantic adventure when 27 amazing ...

    Episode #18.2
  • Episode #18.3

    Cassandra draws the first one-on-one date after deciding to stay and give love a chance with the dashing Juan Pablo and goes on a water adventure she won't soon forget. Then, a group of 10 women get to share the Bachelor's love of soccer, but when they are split into competing teams for his attention on the soccer field, the claws come out. Next, Chelsie, who is afraid of heights, is pushed to the limit on a pivotal adrenaline date when Juan Pablo invites her to take part in a tandem bungee jump in Pasadena. The couple will be rewarded with a private concert by ...

    Episode #18.3
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Season 19

  • Episode #19.3

    Jimmy Kimmel surprises Bachelor Chris and the 18 remaining women by taking over the show as guest host for this episode. An avid fan of the franchise, Jimmy informs them that he is there to help Chris on his journey to find a wife to bring home to Arlington, Iowa. He introduces the bachelorettes to his "Amazing Jar," plans dates and winds up in a hot tub - all in the name of love.

    Episode #19.3
  • Episode #19.4

    This week, the Bachelor's three sisters will pick the lucky bachelorette who will go on a special one-on-one date with their brother. A beautiful beach day at Lake Piru in the mountains of Southern California turns up the heat on a group date, as one woman jumps in without her bikini top and, not to be outdone, another takes off her bikini bottom! The day at the lake turns into evening and the group camps out to spend the night there. One aggressive woman shares some surprising news with Chris, but will it make a difference in how he views her as a potential soul mate...

    Episode #19.4
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Season 20

  • Episode #20.3

    After the stunning departure of Lauren (LB), who refused Ben's rose, the Bachelor is monetarily set back on his heels, but there are still 17 women who are anxious to spend time with him. Lauren B. and Ben soar in a biplane to a secluded spot where a hot tub awaits; they also enjoy a romantic dinner followed by a private performance by LUCY ANGEL, one of the Bachelor's favorite music groups. Twelve ladies are involved in an intense soccer competition, coached by ALEX MORGAN and KELLEY O'HARA of the World Cup Champion U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. Jubilee is in ...

    Episode #20.3
  • Episode #20.4

    Ben and his bachelorettes all are willing to gamble on love in "Sin City," as he escorts the remaining 14 women to Las Vegas. JoJo, whose chemistry with Ben is off the charts, joins the Bachelor for a tour of the glittering Las Vegas strip by helicopter. Versatile singer, comedian, ventriloquist and celebrity impersonator TERRY FATOR invites 12 of the ladies to be his opening act. What special talents will they display? Becca is thrown off guard when her date card is accompanied by a wedding dress. Her arrival at the "Little White Wedding Chapel" is met with an ...

    Episode #20.4
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Season 21

  • Episode #21.2

    As Nick continues his search for love with the 22 remaining beautiful bachelorettes, Liz is particularly anxious: she is keeping a tumultuous secret about her romantic past with the Bachelor. When Nick learns that his secret is starting to come out and he has to make some drastic, stunning decisions to save his major opportunity to find love. Twelve other women are excited to dress up for their own wedding photo shoot with their "groom," Nick, and six women get to act out a dramatic and sometimes funny "break-up" with Nick at Los Angeles' Museum of Broken ...

    Episode #21.2
  • Episode #21.3

    After Nick reveals his past with Liz, he's anxious some of the women will leave. Three women question why they were sent home and The Backstreet Boys visit the Bachelor Mansion.

    Episode #21.3
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Season 22

  • Episode #22.3

    As the charming race car driver intensifies his search for his soul mate among the 18 remaining women, Arie selects eight women to battle for supremacy in the wrestling arena with two top veterans of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) - Ursula Hayden and Angelina Altishin - sharing their secrets of success in the ring. The undercard will feature a surprise guest, Kenny "Pretty Boy Pit Bull" King from Bachelorette Rachel's season, who will take on the Bachelor himself. Lauren S. is the lucky recipient of a romantic one-on-one date with Arie to a Napa Valley ...

    Episode #22.3
  • Episode #22.4

    Arie takes the ladies out to the woods to learn some bush craft see what they're made of.

    Episode #22.4
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Season 23

  • Women Tell All

    Twenty women confront each other and Colton as they offer the lowdown on their quarrels and personal hostilities; a look back at memorable breakdowns and breakups in series history; a look at some of the hilarious bloopers from this season.

    Women Tell All
  • Season Finale Part 1

    Devastated after Cassie's announcement, Colton takes off into the Portuguese night and considers ending his journey.

    Season Finale Part 1
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