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Remington Steele

IMDB: 7.3

1982, 5 seasons to date

Adventure / Comedy / Crime

By Robert Butler

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Private eye Laura Holt grudgingly accepts a new partner when a mystery man assumes the identity of her fictitious boss, Remington Steele. Together, the two battle crime as their feelings for each other.

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Season 1

  • Steele Waters Run Deep

    Laura and Remington are hired by three video game creators to find their missing partner, who has apparently disappeared with a large portion of the company's assets and their newest video game.

    Steele Waters Run Deep
  • Signed, Steeled and Delivered

    A mild mannered information retrieval agent who is about to be married, asks the help of the Remington Steele Agency when it appears that the CIA is attempting to kill him.

    Signed, Steeled and Delivered
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Season 2

  • Red Holt Steele

    Someone is trying sabotage R.J. Stonewell's aviation company. She goes to Remington Steele Investigations for help, but R.J.'s mysterious rival is so intent on ruining Stonewell Aircraft, Ms. Holt's home is bombed in an attempt to kill Laura and stop the investigation.

    Red Holt Steele
  • Altared Steele

    A man who cannot remember his name hires Remington Steele Investigations to find out who he is and why someone may be trying to kill him. Steele and Laura soon discover that their client is leading a double, or rather quintuple life, with five different wives to go along with five different professions. Can Steele and Laura determine which wife is trying to kill their client before it is too late?

    Altared Steele
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Season 3

  • Maltese Steele

    Laura and Remington search the exotic Mediterranean isle of Malta for a missing corpse and stumble upon an ancient cross, which hides a dangerous secret.

    Maltese Steele
  • Second Base Steele

    A high school baseball team alumnus hires The Remington Steele Agency to find out who is responsible for a series accidents at a sports camp his old team is attending.

    Second Base Steele
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Season 4

  • Steele Blushing

    A couple of Feds comes to the office looking for Laura. But she's not there so they tell Steele and Mildred that they're looking for a photographer who took Laura's picture which is now in skin mag which they show them. Mildred decides to play hardball. Later Steele searches for Laura. Steele goes to the photographer's studio and is attacked by a man. The photographer calls the office looking for Laura and Mildred goes to where he is. When Mildred goes there the Feds follow her and pull their guns, Mildred knows they're not Feds so she knocks them and makes off with ...

    Steele Blushing
  • Grappling Steele

    A professional wrestler hires the Agency to prevent someone from killing him.

    Grappling Steele
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Season 5

  • Steele Hanging in There: Part 2

    The Steeles learn that Shannon will go away if they help her get out from a blackmail scheme, and Tony is willing to drop Remington's immigration case if they help Tony find a mole in the intelligence service.

    Steele Hanging in There: Part 2
  • Steeled with a Kiss: Part 1

    Tony is publicly and falsely accused of being a double agent, so Remington and Laura agree to hide him in their inherited Irish castle. Daniel Chalmers shows up and is extorted by an old female friend to turn Tony in to the KGB.

    Steeled with a Kiss: Part 1
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