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IMDB: 8.3

2015, 5 seasons to date

Drama / History / Romance

By Debbie Horsfield

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Ross Poldark returns to England after fighting in the American Revolution. His family and friends thought he was dead. The woman he hoped to marry is now engaged to his cousin. His father is dead, and the property he has inherited has been allowed to deteriorate. It is the late 1700s in Cornwall, England. This is a family drama, but is also about the challenges and conflicts between the rich and the poor. It is a time when fishermen are not catching much fish, tin and copper mines are closing down because prices are too low, but the price of food and rents are high. Ross faces the challenge of making his land productive, caring for the tenants who rely on him, and trying to win back the woman he loved - or finding a reason to live without her.

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Season 1

  • Episode #1.3

    Ross reopens Wheal Leisure, drawing his work force from Charles' mine and winning the respect of his tenants. Whilst he and Demelza are at a local wedding Elizabeth gives birth to a son, Geoffrey Charles. Ross attends the christening , noting not only the growing friendship between George Warleggan and Francis but overhearing gossips speculate on his relationship with Demelza. He is genuinely impressed by her efficiency and starts to confide in her. One of his workers, young father Jim Carter, is taken to court for poaching and Ross speaks on his behalf but fails to ...

    Episode #1.3
  • Episode #1.4

    The news of Demelza and Poldark's marriage spreads through the community, threatening Wheal Leisure's prospects.

    Episode #1.4
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Season 2

  • Episode #2.3

    Ross chairs the meeting for his mine's share-holders, where expansion of Wheal Leisure is approved but Warleggan's spy Tankard is also present and Warleggan's heavies attack Jud for failing to discredit Ross at his trial after their payment to commit perjury. To remain solvent the Poldarks are forced to sell many of their possessions and livestock, causing Demelza to keep her pregnancy secret from her husband. However, following the attack on Jud, Ross realizes Warleggan has schemed to keep Francis and himself at odds and is reconciled with his cousin at a family ...

    Episode #2.3
  • Episode #2.4

    An epidemic sweeps through the county and Dwight is grateful to Caroline for providing him with a cart-load of fresh oranges to combat it. Ross meanwhile is thwarted in his efforts to expand the mine, thanks to Warleggan and his proxy, Tankard. To provide finances he strikes a deal with a local smuggler to use his beach to land cargo on, much to Demelza's annoyance. Ross also goes into partnership with Francis, despite Warleggan's attempts to split them up, and they open up the mine gaining access to Wheal Grace. Demelza gives birth to a baby boy, Jeremy, which goes ...

    Episode #2.4
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Season 3

  • Episode #3.3

    Tholly takes Ross to a French port where republican soldiers are executing their prisoner. They meet Jacques Clisson, who gives them information about Dwight's incarceration but, threatened with prison himself, Ross returns home without his friend. Banned by Warleggan from using his church, the Carne boys find a venue for their Methodist meeting house, but are again thwarted by Warleggan through a legal loop-hole and are ultimately saved by Demelza, who allows them to use a barn on Ross's land. The Warleggans move to Truro, where even Elizabeth is shocked by the ...

    Episode #3.3
  • Episode #3.4

    Guests come to Ross and Demelza's daughter Cowance's christening. Morwenna and Geoffrey Charles are called away for Christmas. George plots to marry Morwenna off for political gain, but her heart belongs to Drake. Ross, Demelza, and Caroline find a way to feed the poor. Dwight continues to suffer in French prison.

    Episode #3.4
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Season 4

  • Episode #4.3

    Ross is now member of parliament for Truro and making compassionate speeches opposing slavery and the use of child workers. Inevitably Warleggan, smarting from his defeat, links up with the disreputable Monk Adderley for revenge on Ross and a seat of his own whilst Whitworth seeks another way to discredit him. Returning to Cornwall, where Caroline has given birth to a daughter Sarah, Ross is called upon to save an ailing mine and also pays a visit to Elizabeth.

    Episode #4.3
  • Episode #4.4

    Caroline and Dwight suffer a family tragedy, prompting her to take unusual action. Dwight also confounds Whitworth's attempt to commit Morwenna to an asylum, to allow him to continue his affair with her sister Rowella and proves himself a hero when blasting causes heavy flooding at the mine. This last event causes Ross to doubt a return to parliament but is persuaded by Dwight to change his mind. Warleggan also enables his political ambitions to come to crooked fruition.

    Episode #4.4
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