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Las Vegas

IMDB: 7.4

2003, 5 seasons to date

Crime / Drama

By Gary Scott Thompson

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Montecito Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Ed Deline (Cann) and Danny McCoy (Duhamel) work on the surveillance team of the casino. Since we are talking about Las Vegas, there is a lot of work to be done: looking for cheaters, hosting and protecting the famous and the "whales", and taking personal care of those who win too much.

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Season 1

  • Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye

    While Danny tries to find out the secret of Julian Kerbis who bought many chips but hardly even gambles, Big Ed stumbles upon his cousin in the casino. He is about to marry a girl he met few days earlier.

    Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye
  • Jokers and Fools

    While Danny shadows a cheater, he sees him talking with a pretty familiar face. Mary is getting acquainted with a psychic who has a scary premonition. Delinda start working in the restaurant of the Montecito.

    Jokers and Fools
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Season 2

  • Blood Is Thicker

    Ed is framed for murder when enemies from his past resurface. Danny and Mike secretly intervene to investigate and take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Sam, Nessa, Mary and Delinda desperately attempt to find tenants for their new joint-purchased home, settling on what they think to be the perfect tenants, only to discover they've misjudged the situation.

    Blood Is Thicker
  • Catch of the Day

    An old boyfriend of Delinda's comes to town to fulfill some fantasies which includes having sex with someone cause he's dying. Delinda at first doesn't believe him but Ed learns it's true. And one of Sam's whales who has a big party and what he wants to serve is lobsters but someone steals them. So Danny has to try and find them. And Michael Buble, who's scheduled to perform announces he's giving up singing and wants to do other things. Which makes Mary worried.

    Catch of the Day
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Season 3

  • Double Down, Triple Threat

    Banned card counter Gabe 'Nice guy' Labrador claims he must win $2,000,000 or his kidnapped daughter will be killed, but the police believes he's pulling another stunt, like his staged death 8 years earlier. But Ed and Monica Mancuso give him the benefit of the doubt, so the boys follow the cash. Big winner Ben Carlson demands that Delaney takes his $600,000 winnings back to make a point that he disapproves of gambling in principal, but his other, abusive personality Ted Waters demands the cash; a third one, hedonist Carlos, is in control. Boston PD detective Woody ...

    Double Down, Triple Threat
  • Whatever Happened to Seymour Magoon?

    Besides his job and love life with Penny, Danny retains his late father's construction company. In order to let it build the golf course Monica wants, they must make crone Dottie Arkin, who lived there all her life, an offer she can't refuse, only to find a corpse buried in her garden, which ex-con mobster Nick Calabrini believes to be his missing uncle Seymour Magoon. A shower design flaw result in utterly embarrassing exposures. Ed's wife forces him first to organize a dog show, then daughter Delinda blackmails him to run Jilian's troublesome mutt in person. ...

    Whatever Happened to Seymour Magoon?
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Season 4

  • The Story of Owe

    Ed turns Samantha onto a guy who can help out her own paycheck by trying to retrieve some of the money that her high roller clients have skipped out on paying. Danny and Delinda discuss wanting to take their relationship to the next level. Mary decides to try her hand at stand-up comedy, and Ed tries to give someone a special birthday present.

    The Story of Owe
  • History of Violins

    The Montecito's safe-deposit vault is being robbed, with Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXI ring among the stolen items.

    History of Violins
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Season 5

  • The Glass Is Always Cleaner

    The race is on for Ed's old position when Cooper announces that he won't "give" the job to Danny. The Montecito's new concierge also appears, while Sam finds her way back to another therapy position and Delinda feels the pangs of motherhood in terms of gaining some unwanted weight.

    The Glass Is Always Cleaner
  • Head Games

    While Danny assumes his new position as President of the Montecito, Delinda assumes he doesn't have any time for her. Meanwhile, Sam stands her ground, standing by what she saw while poolside, even if it means her job.

    Head Games
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