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House of Anubis

IMDB: 7.5

2011, 3 seasons to date

Drama / Family / Mystery

By Hans Bourlon

Latest Episodes

An American girl Nina Martin comes to the house of Anubis. Suddenly Joy goes missing the same day Nina arrives. Nina bumps into an old lady from the old peoples home called Sarah, who gives Nina an amulet and tells her to find the treasure. Suddenly everything changes and the mysteries are starting to unfold and questions are staring to be asked. Is Joy actually dead? Is Sarah from the old peoples home actually Sarah-Frobisher Smith? Does this amulet contain magical powers?

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Season 1

  • House of Blackbird

    New girl Nina meets an addled old woman who tells her "Beware the Black Bird" and gives her an antique locket.

    House of Blackbird
  • House of Dares

    Patricia insists that new girl Nina be initiated into the house of Anubis... her first mission to steal Victor's spare key to the attic stairs. Meanwhile Amber is jealous that Mick is asking Mara for help with his schoolwork.

    House of Dares
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Season 2

  • House of Rivals/House of Faces

    Mara is upset that Mick's family is moving, Alfie tries to impress Amber, and Fabian writes a poem for Nina.There's a replica of the Mask of Anubis in the Exhibition so Nina and Fabian go check it out.

    House of Rivals/House of Faces
  • House of Myths/House of Nightmares

    Senkhara leaves her mark on Nina, and Fabian's godfather, Jasper, advises her about the mark and the Mask.Nina thinks the Mask is in the house - and then the dollhouse opens to reveal a map. Poppy researches her and Jerome's father.

    House of Myths/House of Nightmares
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Season 3

  • House of Truth

    Eddie and KT team up to find out what her mysterious key is for. Alfie tells Amber who her bracelet really belongs to. But then they find a coded message in the packaging. What could it mean?

    House of Truth
  • House of Hieroglyphs

    Victor's under pressure to find his missing bracelet. Eddie and KT discover that Miss Denby has a key just like KT's... is there more to their new teacher than they first thought?

    House of Hieroglyphs
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