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Hannah Montana

IMDB: 4.9

2006, 4 seasons to date

Comedy / Family / Music

By Rich Correll

Latest Episodes

Miley Stewart might seem like an average girl but she isn't. She moved from Tennessee to Malibu and is adapting to a new lifestyle. Miley has a huge secret only known by her dad/manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her weird brother Jackson Stewart, and her two best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. Miley Stewart's huge secret is she leads a double as the famous pop singer Hannah Montana along with her friend Lilly who also has a double life as Lola, Hannah's friend.

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Season 1

  • She's a Supersneak

    Miley and Jackson catch Robby on a date with a mystery woman, and the kids decide to act sneaky in order to learn more about their father's new acquaintance.

    She's a Supersneak
  • I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't

    Miley toys with her public image after discovering that a boy she likes isn't a Hannah fan; Jackson considers asking out his best friend's sister, who has returned home from boarding school.

    I Can't Make You Love Hannah If You Don't
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Season 2

  • You Are So Sue-able to Me

    Miley gives Lilly a makeover for a school dance which Matt Marshal is taking her to. After Matt stands her up, Lilly takes him to Teen Court.

    You Are So Sue-able to Me
  • Get Down, Study-udy-udy

    In order for Hannah to go on a European tour, Miley has to ace her science class exam. So she creates a song and dance routine for her exam.

    Get Down, Study-udy-udy
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Season 3

  • Don't Go Breakin' My Tooth

    Miley breaks one of her teeth and needs to go to the dentist but has always been afraid. Miley is determined to prove to her dad that she's old enough to go on her own.

    Don't Go Breakin' My Tooth
  • You Never Give Me My Money

    When Miley's dad gives her some of Hannah's money she must learn to spend it responsibly and not relive the credit card scenario.

    You Never Give Me My Money
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Season 4

  • California Screamin'

    Miley believes that Robby has sacrificed his personal life for her career, so she sets him up on a blind date with Lori, her school nurse. Meanwhile, Jackson is worried about his first kiss with Siena.

    California Screamin'
  • De-DoDo-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret

    When Siena becomes suspicious of Jackson after seeing Hannah Montana outside the Stewart house, he asks Miley to reveal her secret to Siena to allay her concerns.

    De-DoDo-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret
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