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Future Man

IMDB: 7.9

2017, 3 seasons to date

Comedy / Sci-Fi

By Kyle Hunter

Latest Episodes

A janitor battles against an intergalactic invasion.

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Season 1

  • A Riphole in Time

    Tiger and Wolf decide it's time for Dr. Kronish to die, but when Josh realizes he can't go through with it, he finds himself caught in Tiger and Wolf's sights instead.

    A Riphole in Time
  • A Fuel's Errand

    In the wake of the disastrous attempt to assassinate Dr. Kronish, Tiger and Wolf kick Josh off the mission, until they realize their Time Travel Device is compromised.

    A Fuel's Errand
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Season 2

  • A Wolf in the Torque House

    Wolf is mistaken for Torque (the Wolf in this timeline) and he goes with it learning about the NAG, and its 6-parent families and hatred of technology. Wolf tries to escape but the appeal of this new, strange world makes it hard for him to leave.

    A Wolf in the Torque House
  • The Binx Ultimatum

    Tiger uses Stu's fondness for her to help her track down Athena. Josh is now a Smasher and remanded to a labor camp where the Pointed Circle comes after him. Wolf, vowing to improve the NAG, faces off against Supreme Overlord Vice.

    The Binx Ultimatum
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