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Below Deck


2013, 6 seasons to date


By Mark Cronin

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Follows the crew of a multi million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean.

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Season 1

  • Sleeping with the Enemy

    At this point, Kat is completely fed up with Adrienne and begins hatching a plan to switch rooms in order get away from her nemesis. The charter guests throw the crew into a frenzy when they decide at the last minute to have an on board wedding. Ben's temperamental moodiness is starting to rub some of his fellow crew mates the wrong way. All the romance on the boat is making David very homesick for his boyfriend Trevor -- and the time apart is making David question whether yachting is the life for him. Adrienne is feeling ostracized by her crew mates, and it's taking ...

    Sleeping with the Enemy
  • Land Ahoy... Finally

    It's the crew's final charter and they're ready for the charter season to end, but their spirits pick up when a group of fun guests come aboard with energy to spare. Adrienne's overly friendly and flirty attitude toward the guests causes the rest of the crew to mock her mercilessly. The shocking, unexpected departure of one of the crewmembers leaves the staff reeling, but with one last charter ahead, they'll need to put their egos aside and work together to make this a smooth trip.

    Land Ahoy... Finally
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Season 2

  • Mojitos, Mo' Problems

    Kate is annoyed by the new charter guests and their ongoing demands for special attention. Andrew makes a stunning admission to Captain Lee that affects the entire crew. While Kelley and Jennice wrestle with their feelings for one another, things heat up in the galley as Ben gives a hands-on cooking lesson to his flirty female guests. Captain Lee's decision about tip distribution is made more difficult by whispers of mutiny from some of his crew.

    Mojitos, Mo' Problems
  • Charter Guest Soulmate

    With some of his crew furious about the distribution of tip money, Captain Lee has to make a decision about how to handle Andrew. Kate is excited about a new charter guest who has very specific and refined requests, but Ben struggles to adhere to the precise demands. Stunned by an unexpected critique, Kate jeopardizes the whole charter, and her yachting career, when she takes matters into her own hands.

    Charter Guest Soulmate
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Season 3

  • Off the Radar

    Rocky and Emile are disciplined for their dangerous stunt. Connie gets some terrible news that leaves her future on the boat in jeopardy. Kate soon realizes that there might be too many cooks in the kitchen after her and Chef Leon disagree over the charter guests' final dinner.

    Off the Radar
  • Pretty Cheeks

    The return of Kate's charter guest soulmate from last season, Dean, keeps the "Eros" crew on their toes and forces Kate to up her towel-art game. After a pep talk from her Dad, Rocky tries to keep going with her mundane stew tasks while Don tries to make amends with Eddie, but ends up butting heads with his fellow "deckies" instead. The heat in the kitchen flares up when Kate questions chef Leon's credentials as a yacht chef after he is unable to prepare a traditional Bahamian meal for the guests. After catching an eyeful of Rocky in her thong swimsuit, Don decides to...

    Pretty Cheeks
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Season 4

  • Hair Models and Filthy Martinis

    Kelley makes a decision on how to proceed with Trevor. The new charter guests prove to be a handful with a very pampered poodle. Ben and Kate clash again, while Kelley continues to deal with Trevor's poor attitude. Meanwhile, Kelley gets a call from a loved one and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew's second night out.

    Hair Models and Filthy Martinis
  • That Tuna Is [email protected]#!Ed

    Trevor faces the wrath of Captain Lee after putting the crew's safety in jeopardy during their night out. Ben stresses over a charter guest with very particular dietary needs. Kelley and Nico both find themselves attracted to the same Stew and Sierra learns just how difficult it can be working with Ben.

    That Tuna Is F@#!Ed
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Season 6

  • Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Fast action by Rhylee and a cameraman save Ashton's life. The new charter guests like expensive food and are offended when served chicken, which is 'what poor people eat'. After the charter a shaken Captain Lee has a "come to Jesus" meeting where he analyzes Ashton's accident and shows how close they came to disaster.

    Let Them Eat Chicken!
  • I Said I Got It!

    Kate deals with Laura's insubordination after being told to "check" herself. Ross is at his wits end with Rhylee's attitude after she confronts him once again about feeling like the low man on the totem pole.

    I Said I Got It!
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