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Ax Men

IMDB: 5.5

2008, 10 seasons to date

Documentary / Reality-TV


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Four logging crews in the Pacific Northwest battle the elements and poor market conditions in an attempt to make a living.

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Season 1

  • Storm Season Strikes

    As a storm closes in on the Oregon coast, the Ax Men race to stay one step ahead. Jesse continues to push the J.M. Browning crew to meet its looming deadline, while muddy roads trap trucks on their way to the Stump Branch site. Robby battles for control of the Gustafson crew. Pihl Logging feels the effects of the slumping lumber market.

    Storm Season Strikes
  • The Big Hit

    Across Northwest Oregon, the Ax Men continue to grind it out. Storm season arrived with a vengeance - shutting some crews down while others struggled to stay afloat. Now a bigger storm is brewing. The stalled housing market's effects are hitting the Ax Men hard. Jobs will be shut down; men will be put out of work. This week, the housing market hits home on "Ax Men".

    The Big Hit
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Season 2

  • By Air, Land and Sea

    This week, Ax Men soars to new heights as a helicopter logging outfit enters the competition. At Pihl, Dustin tries to talk his father into coming back to work for Pihl. Rygaard's greenhorn faces his fears when he must climb a 100-ft tree, and Jimmy and James grasp at straws as their prized log slips from their clutches.

    By Air, Land and Sea
  • Moby Dick Strikes

    At Rygaard, the bosses clash over greenhorn Brad Hewitt. Meanwhile, at the Pihl team, Dwayne is forced to do the job of a greenhorn. To the east, R&R Conner Aviation must choose between safety and production. Jimmy Smith and son James are still waging war against the mammoth deadhead known as Moby Dick. Usually, three strikes and you're out...but Jimmy plays by a different set of rules!

    Moby Dick Strikes
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Season 3

  • Diving for Dollars

    After an ill-fated road trip, Jimmy and James Smith arrive in Florida to tackle the dangerous black water of the American South, only to realize they're in way over their heads. Rygaard's greenhorns get a wake-up call when a cable snaps. Browning's soaring production has a price, and at Pihl, Melvin's mistakes may cost him his job.

    Diving for Dollars
  • Boiling Point

    The forest fights back, as a careless mistake at Browning threatens to take out DJ and Cody. At Rygaard, Gabe gives his greenhorns an ultimatum: shape up or ship out. At Pihl, Melvin and Leland face-off in a fight for the yarder seat, and down south, Jimmy's first dive may be his last.

    Boiling Point
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Season 4

  • 44
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    Episode 1: Alaska
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    Dec 12, 2010
  • 44
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    Episode 2: Sink or Swim
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    Dec 19, 2010
  • Day from Hell

    On the edge of America's final frontier, it's every logger's worst nightmare: one of Papac's men has disappeared into thin air. Logging country is rattled to its core when logger Van Huffman goes missing in Alaska's remote wilderness.

    Day from Hell
  • Manhunt

    At Papac, time is running out for missing logger Van Huffman. At Rygaard, Gabe gambles on a helicopter... and loses. At Pihl, rigging slinger Eric Davis is rushed to the hospital after a gruesome fall. In Louisiana, Shelby pulls an all-nighter to save his dog Piss Willy. And in Florida, Collins puts the Smith boys in their place.

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Season 5

  • No Pain, No Gain

    Jimmy Smith is smitten with his new assistant, while rivals Uncle Buck and Swilley push their equipment to the breaking point. Shelby Stanga scouts his newest log order with his darling wife Donna. Big Gun Logging faces an uncertain future when owner Levi Brown is admitted to the hospital. And at Rygaard and Papac, the chainsaws bite back.

    No Pain, No Gain
  • Hell Hole

    At Papac Alaska, the site is turned upside down when the yarder operator walks off in the middle of the day. In Florida, Swilley's determination to beat S&S in the Suwannee River Log Off leads to a life threatening mistake. With their leader still in the hospital, Big Gun Logging loses control of the Ole Keasy site.

    Hell Hole
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Season 6

  • Sabotage

    It s week three and logging country is falling apart. In the swamp, Shelby must rely on niece Stephanie and cousin Belinda to do his dirty work. At Rygaard, the rigging guys formulate a plan to get rid of DJ.

  • Put Up or Shut Up

    As the season picks up speed, not everyone can keep up with the pace. At Rygaard, odd man out DJ Jeremiah is pushed to his breaking point.

    Put Up or Shut Up
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Season 7

  • Burying the Hatchet

    It's week three and the surprises keep on coming. In Washington, Gabe's king of the mountain title is in the hands of a novice crew, until he gets some help from an unlikely family member. Down in the swamp, Shelby's log buyer stops by for a surprise visit and things aren't looking good for the Swamp Man. On the Withlacoochee, the Kraken and Katelyn find that logging without Capitan Clint might not be as easy as they thought. At Chapman the newest member of the team fights for his life.

    Burying the Hatchet
  • Out on a Limb

    It's week four and the season is already running off the rails. On the Olympic Peninsula, Gabe runs a hung-over greenhorn into the ground but Jason disagrees with Gabe's management style. In the swamp, Belinda is too hurt to log so she's brought in a new assistant who almost drowns Shelby's dream of rebuilding his logging empire. Up in Alaska, Mike Papac decides to shake things up and brings in a long time family friend to help in the rigging. The battle for river supremacy rages on in Florida as the Chapman team fights amongst themselves and the Dreadknots divide to ...

    Out on a Limb
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Season 8

  • Failure to Communicate

    It's week three, and the loggers are feeling the pressure to produce. In Alaska, Coatsy's still out of commission, so Papac institutes an extremely dangerous process called Shotgun Logging. Over in Wyoming, the Zitterkopf men are taking the Bear Ranch site by storm. At Rygaard, the team has doubled the yarders to up production, but they've also doubled their trouble by crowding an already tight landing. Up in Canada, Triack Resources are on a roll using a logging method called "chucking", but getting the loads out is proving a major challenge. And in Florida, poor ...

    Failure to Communicate
  • The Swampman Cometh

    Shelby the Swampman uses an airboat to search for a treasure trove of century old logs in a legendary lost canal. In Washington, Rygaard tries to haul out the biggest log on their site--a mammoth six-ton cypress. In the Wyoming wilderness, while David Zitterkopf delivers the first load of logs to the mill, his sons struggle to hold down the fort. In Alaska, Adrianne steps up and takes a shot at working on the landing for the Papac crew. In British Columbia, the most rugged section of the Britannia site puts Triack to the test. And in Florida, the Dreadknots are firing...

    The Swampman Cometh
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Season 9

  • Life & Limb

    The Ax Men are back to take on North America's deadliest job. Gabe Rygaard faces the toughest challenge of his career as he struggles to keep the family operation in business without his father Craig, who suffered a career-ending injury last season.

    Life & Limb
  • Sloppy Joe

    The already shorthanded Rygaard crew fights Mother Nature as temperatures climb and a massive forest fire burns just over the mountain. Joe is still reeling from his injury, and what should be easiest site of the job could already be too much for the Papac crew.

    Sloppy Joe
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