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Arthur & George

IMDB: 7.1

2015, 1 seasons to date

Biography / Crime / Drama


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In 1906, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, having lost his first wife, was overcome with grief; even Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson refused his call. It was only when his secretary, Woodie, presented him with an apparent real-life miscarriage of justice, that he could be roused to action. The case in question was that of George Edalji, a Parsee solicitor, who was imprisoned for writing obscene letters and killing livestock in Great Wyrley, Staffordshire. George needed Arthur's help to clear his name. However, as the twists and turns of the case unfold, Arthur himself questions George's innocence. It is only by finding the true culprit, that Arthur can finally put the case, and his grief, to rest; whilst simultaneously becoming influential in a major reform to the English judicial system.

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Season 1

  • Episode #1.3

    Having discovered that George was in prison with Hayden Price and is now teaching him to read Sir Arthur meets - through the late Bostock's son Harry - Fred Brooke. He establishes that, as schoolboys Harry, George and Fred fell foul of a violent class-mate known as Speck. Sir Arthur's enquiries lead to the adult Speck, who would seem to be the true culprit of the crimes for which George was blamed - though it is too late to convict. However Sir Arthur has great difficulty in convincing the bigoted police that they arrested the wrong man, particularly as Speck had an ...

    Episode #1.3
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