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Army Wives

IMDB: 7.2

2007, 7 seasons to date


By Katherine Fugate

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Four women and one man share the common bond of loving someone in the U.S. Army.

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Season 1

  • The Art of Separation

    The preparations for an Iraq tour go on in Fort Marshall. Jeremy tells his pa about his refusal to go to West Point and presumed psychological disorder. Trevor makes his will and tells Roxy he wants to adopt her lovely boys to spare them his horrible youth as foster reject. Sergeant Peter Belgrad has a physiological crisis. Pamela ends the whispering by shouting her surrogate results trough the microphone. A helicopter crash probably means a widow on the base.

    The Art of Separation
  • One of Our Own

    Instead of comforting each-other now his father Frank is MIA, probably dead, Jeremy's ma meanly tries to make the boy feel guilty. Sergeant Peter Belgrad takes his doctor and the major's wife hostage to demand a meeting with his CO, who stupidly failed to report truly his previous armed break-down. The doc gets to the bottom of his unit's bloody Afghanistan mission trauma, but just before Belgrad can hand over his pistol a sharpshooter kills him. Trevor LeBlanc's adoption papers for Finn and T.J. get filed to his delight.

    One of Our Own
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Season 2

  • The Messenger

    Brave, handsome corporal Mac, who lost both legs in Bagdad, charms Denise without any infidelity on either side. They become platonic friends over their lost passion for motorcycles, and his surprise goodbye present for her is his. Even when the general tries to teach Emmalin stick-driving, her sister's ghost gets in the way, just as it still does in his marital bed. Chase has a few day off his Iraq tour, which he spends mainly helping good son Lucas and brat Katie rehearse their parts in a Jeanne d'Arc church play. Little Fyn's imaginary friend harry inspires him to ...

    The Messenger
  • Leaving the Tribe

    After Trevor gets wounded while patrolling in Iraq, it's a long wait for news, but his family feels it was worth it: daddy is coming home! Meanwhile Betty admits her beastly behavior to the boys actually stems from infertility frustration. When her insurance settlement finally comes trough, she insists to rebuild the Hump Bar, with Roxy in charge. General Holden has a confidence crisis but remains on post, given general acclaim for his balanced attitude after the bomb, except from the rogue solider's widow. Denise is tempted to start riding corporal Mac's ...

    Leaving the Tribe
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Season 3

  • Moving Out

    Denise waits to hear from Frank. The Moran household is erupting into warfare. Trevor makes a potentially deadly mistake at work. Roxy holds a garage sale to raise money. Claudia Joy has difficulty reaching Brian on the phone in Brussels.

    Moving Out
  • Incoming

    Michael has good news. Joan has an opportunity. Frank heads home, and Denise waits to see if she is still welcome. Jeremy makes a new friend. Roland receives an offer of a new job.

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Season 4

  • Homefront

    Claudia Joy hosts a breakfast for the Army Spouse of the Year Award finalists and the catty nature of fellow nominee, Lenore (guest star Rhoda Griffis), comes out in full force.

  • Be All You Can Be

    Trevor must drop everything when Ricardo 'Ricky' Martinez doesn't turn up for enrollment, finds and convinces him, yet feels guilty. Chase is conspicuously absent from a baby birthday party, where Pamela is overheard about her divorce plan by Katie. After a campus visit, Claudia Joy's law professor friend Shuster impresses and inspires curious Emalin.

    Be All You Can Be
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Season 5

  • Movement to Contact

    Beloved daddy Trevor's absence on Afghan tour and Roxy's inability to substitute his masterly parenting now render TJ so aggressive that a forced sleepover at Pamela's ends in semi-accidentally breaking Lucas's arm during rough garden football. Jeremy is appalled to hear that a silly partner knowledge quiz at her hens party makes fiancée Tanya doubt their marriage plan. Professor Chandler suddenly misbehaves at Claudia Joy's first work day in his office, but what she mistakes for his infidelity provides a moving explanation.

    Movement to Contact
  • On Behalf of a Grateful Nation

    General Holden presides over the first mission where the Afghan trainee troops are supposed to fight the Taliban on their own. Trevor's training team however has to fight hard, and casualties include a most beloved soldier. Wedding preparations at the base are abruptly ended when the dreaded news arrives, for groom Jeremy will arrive in a body bag. Trevor must remain with the shocked comrades, but TJ steps up at the tearful funeral. Roland hides his guilt for having enabled Jeremy's redeployment by therapy.

    On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
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Season 6

  • The Best of Friends

    Trevor takes a dim view a Roxy shamelessly dropping the general's name to elbow past the cue for a bigger home, but admits the result is great, although their Moran guests still cramp it, albeit is shortly, as Pamela is determined to join Chase in California soon as their apartment is beyond repair. General Holden takes up temporary command and warmly welcomes his former mentor, general Clarke. His wife Jackie impresses the ladies auxiliary too 'luckily' with benefit plans not to seem fishy to Claudia Joy, who suspects a dirty campaign for the third star, yet can't ...

    The Best of Friends
  • Learning Curve

    Trevor is now lieutenant and leads his own platoon, but platoon sergeant 'Ski' Wisniewski warns he still doesn't think like an officer. To Roxy's horror, he unilaterally invites all his NCOs and families for a barbecue. Alas, food poisoning strikes, but it still works out. General Bryce Whitaker's wife warns the Holdens that new acting division commander general Clark's ruthlessly efficient, ambitious wife Jackie is rapidly gaining advantage for Kevin over Michael. Even Denise is drawn into her benefit concert, a lucrative exclusive event for civilians and high ...

    Learning Curve
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Season 7

  • Blowback

    Denise has her hands full.

  • Hearth and Home

    Joan is disappointed to be pulled from combat.

    Hearth and Home
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