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IMDB: 6.6

2000, 5 seasons to date

Action / Adventure / Drama

By Gene Roddenberry

Latest Episodes

After being frozen in time for 300 years, captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda sets out to restore peace and civilization to the known universe. With him is the crew of the ship that, with profit in mind and unknowing of her captain still being alive, salvaged Andromeda from the black hole keeping her suspended in time. Andromeda originally hid in the black hole after a big battle. When Captain Hunt wakes up he realizes that this battle was the beginning of an epic war and that the great civilization he was defending, the Commonwealth, has been eradicated from existence. He and his unlikely and sometimes unpredictable crew starts on a mission to once again bring hope to the galaxy.

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Season 1

  • To Loose the Fateful Lightning

    The crew find an old High Guard Space Station inhabited by the teenage descendants of the original crew. The want to rebuild the Commonwealth, by destroying opposing forces, and they have the nova bombs to do it. Andromeda's crew must show them what the real Commonwealth is about. Harper finishes building Rommie, the Andromeda's Avatar.

    To Loose the Fateful Lightning
  • D Minus Zero

    The crew is attacked by the Restorers. The crew is still learning to work together. There is confusion about the chain of command, causing more issues. They must learn to work together to survive.

    D Minus Zero
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Season 2

  • A Heart for Falsehood Framed

    While docked at Peirpont Drift, a cop recognizes Beka and Seamus and notes that they are wanted for various crimes, but for some reason does not arrest them. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to mediate a disagreement between the Than and an ally of the Free Trade Alliance.

    A Heart for Falsehood Framed
  • Pitiless as the Sun

    A planet asks the Andromeda for help when its cargo vessels are attacked by unknown vessels. Trance goes down to the planet to find out more about the people, and ends up being interrogated about her past.

    Pitiless as the Sun
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Season 3

  • Mad to Be Saved

    Andromeda receives a distress call from a freighter, and manages to get it into the docking bay, but it is venting oxygen and the bay doors are jammed open. Dylan and Tyr manage to save most of its crew from suffocation, but they all exhibit signs of brain damage. Their leader informs Dylan that they have escaped from a hellish slave world that no one has ever escaped from before.

    Mad to Be Saved
  • Cui Bono

    Dylan and the Andromeda are ordered by the reformed High Guard to transport and protect a candidate for election to Second Triumvir in the New Commonwealth. To the crew's surprise the candidate is none other than Beka's "Uncle" Sid, a sneaky and sleazy "businessman" who used to work with her father. Both Beka and Dylan are concerned that Sid may become part of the ruling body of the New Commonwealth, but when they find Sid unconscious and bleeding in his office they are forced to protect him from his assailants.

    Cui Bono
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Season 4

  • Waking the Tyrant's Device

    Dylan is sent on a mission by a triumvir, but is not well informed of the danger he faces. After a haphazard reentry from slipstream, the Andromeda is captured by a gravity field projected from the moon that is the target of their mission. Dylan discovers that the moon is the base of Kroton, a half-human, half-android genius that created the Magog world-ship. Dylan attempts to take out Kroton along with the new weapon he has developed.

    Waking the Tyrant's Device
  • Double or Nothingness

    The Andromeda investigates the site of a reported Nietzschean attack on a Commonwealth battleship, but find no debris and no sign that any conflict occurred there, much less the reported destruction of a High Guard vessel. Dylan is invited by the Nietzschean rulers of the planet to visit and accepts, but in his descent a solar storm hits the planet, causing his escorts to fall behind. Dylan must deal with the Nietzscheans in order to uncover the truth of what happened in orbit.

    Double or Nothingness
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Season 5

  • Phear Phactor Phenom

    Dylan finds Harper, he's not happy to see his former Boss. He's adjusted to life on Seefra. Soon he'll need Dylan's help to help him out of some trouble with one of his project. Dylan also finds another member of his crew.

    Phear Phactor Phenom
  • Decay of the Angel

    Doyle is plagued by nightmares, and half remembered dreams of life on board the Andromeda. But she was never a member of the crew. One person notices her perceptions are off and realizes Doyle doesn't know who she really is and tries to get her to join with him and others of their own kind. Doyle will learn the truth of her origin, and why she feels at home on the Andromeda.

    Decay of the Angel
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