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All in the Family

IMDB: 8.3

1971, 9 seasons to date

Comedy / Drama

By Norman Lear

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Archie Bunker, was a bigoted working-class family man who held his views of the world. His viewpoints clash with nearly everyone he comes into contact with especially his son-in-law Mike Stivic (or, as Archie delights in calling him, "Meathead").

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Season 1

  • Archie's Aching Back

    Archie is involved in a minor, non-injury car accident, then finds out that Lionel Jefferson's family used an insurance settlement to open a dry-cleaning business. He gets an idea ... and a sudden aching back.

    Archie's Aching Back
  • Archie Gives Blood

    Archie and Mike donate blood, sparking heated discussions on race, modern medicine, and God's will.

    Archie Gives Blood
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Season 2

  • Archie in the Lock-Up

    Mike and Lionel decide to become part of an anti-war protest, but it isn't until they leave that Gloria gets the news that the situation is turning violent. She and Edith urge Archie to go down to the protest and bring him home. Mike comes home frazzled but unharmed, but Archie ends up in the slammer surrounded by commies, hippies and drop-outs. Mike secures his release because the police captain is Polish, but Archie doesn't know that and offends the captain, leaving him to stay in jail a little longer.

    Archie in the Lock-Up
  • Edith Writes a Song

    Edith writes a poem and gets a letter from a company that wants to turn it into a song for only $30. Archie buys a "dog alarm" and a gun to protect the house all for only $60. The family gets into an argument over which is more important and Archie agrees to give the gun back. That night two burglars, who have just robbed a jewelry store, break into the house and hold the Bunkers hostage until the heat is off. At one point, the thief threatens to take off with the $30 but Edith talks him out of it by offering to sing the song. After hearing her sing, they decide that ...

    Edith Writes a Song
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Season 3

  • The Threat

    The Bunkers' house guest is the new, much younger wife of a war buddy. Archie, who can't take his eyes off of her, believes that she made a pass at him, and Edith overhears him telling Gloria and Mike so.

    The Threat
  • Gloria and the Riddle

    Gloria's riddle, where the punchline is about women doctors, exposes sexist attitudes held by Archie and Mike about professions once predominantly held by men.

    Gloria and the Riddle
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Season 4

  • Edith Finds an Old Man

    Edith brings home an elderly man who ran away from the nursing home where he is a resident. Archie complains about the situation while Edith tries to contact the man's family.

    Edith Finds an Old Man
  • Archie and the Kiss

    Archie hits the roof when Gloria brings home a sculpture of Rodin's "The Kiss," insisting it is pornography.

    Archie and the Kiss
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Season 5

  • The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 3

    Three weeks into the strike, there seems to be no progress between Archie's union and company representatives; in fact, negotiations on both sides seem to be getting worse. With Mike's tutoring jobs only bringing in very little money, Edith decides the Bunkers need some real income, and does so by getting a cashier's job at Jefferson Cleaners.

    The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 3
  • The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 4

    Archie's union finally negotiates a contract with his company that the workers ratify. When Mike finds out the terms - a flat pay rate for the next three years - he tells Archie that his union should have turned down the offer and started to fight for a cost-of-living escalator, especially with the onset of sky-high inflation. Archie, however, is just glad the strike has ended.

    The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 4
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Season 6

  • Archie the Donor

    Archie will do anything to get a promotion at the loading dock. So, he agrees to help Mr. Sanders with his latest charity, unaware that it involves something that goes against his morals - organ donation.

    Archie the Donor
  • Archie the Hero

    While driving Munson's cab, Archie saves the life of a beautiful woman who becomes unconscious. Uh, was that a woman? Sorry, that was no woman, thanks to female impersonator Beverly LaSalle's convincing act.

    Archie the Hero
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Season 7

  • Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3

    Episode #137 - And estranged Archie and Edith are determined to prove to each other that they are perfectly content going their separate ways, in the conclusion of a three-part presentation. The going gets tough for a while when the Bunkers continue to resist Mike and Gloria's efforts to reconcile them.

    Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3
  • The Unemployment Story: Part 1

    The family is getting ready to celebrate Mike's good fortune, he's been published. It happens just at the wrong moment, because Archie has just been laid off due to the recall of a government contract. At the unemployment office, he finds nothing but bureaucracy and frustration, especially with the information he won't get much of a check due to his job moonlighting in Munson's cab. At home, Edith makes it worse trying to make him feel better by trying to sing him to sleep.

    The Unemployment Story: Part 1
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Season 8

  • Cousin Liz

    After Edith's cousin Liz dies her female roommate admits to Edith that they were lovers.

    Cousin Liz
  • Edith's 50th Birthday

    Archie, Mike and Gloria plan a surprise party for Edith to celebrate her 50th birthday. But an unwelcome visitor to the Bunker's home - while Edith is home alone - has a much different surprise in mind for the Bunker matriarch.

    Edith's 50th Birthday
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Season 9

  • Reunion on Hauser Street

    Edith and Archie try and get their friends Barney and Blanche back together.

    Reunion on Hauser Street
  • What'll We Do with Stephanie?

    After her father fails to return for Stephanie, the Bunkers decide to raise her themselves.

    What'll We Do with Stephanie?
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