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All Grown Up!

IMDB: 5.4

2003, 5 seasons to date

Animation / Drama / Family

By Kate Boutilier

Latest Episodes

Follows the adventures of the whole Rugrats gang. But, now they're all grown up. Angelica's nicer, Chuckie's a risk taker, and the rest of the gang have changed too. The adventures follow the gang in their pre-teen/teen years. Don't forget Spike and the grown ups; they're older, too.

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Season 1

  • Bad Kimi

    Kimi befriends Z, the proverbial "bad boy." Chuckie's alarms go off and he is determined to prove to his sister this kid is up to no good. Meanwhile, Angelica is unable to do her online "Ask Angelica" advice chat and uses Harold to sit in.

    Bad Kimi
  • Tweenage Tycoons

    The Rats' favorite boy band, The Sulky Boys, is coming to town and tickets are $100 apiece! Knowing there is no way their parents will shell out for tickets, the Rats become mini-capitalists and begin to sell Dil's crazy inventions to their classmates.

    Tweenage Tycoons
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Season 2

  • Memoirs of a Finster

    On being given a family tree project Chuckie and Kimi are excited that they only have one piece of homework between them as they are brother and sister. However Kimi discovers her Japanese heritage and decides that she and Chuckie should work on separate projects, because she is studying all of her biological family's side, not her half father's side (Chuckie's dad). At first Chuckie is supportive of his sister, but after she drags the Finster family into a charade for the schools culture festival, which humiliates them, Chuckie feels forsaken and wants his old sister...

    Memoirs of a Finster
  • Miss Nose It All

    Angelica demonstrates herself to be the world's worst candy-striper. Rushing out of the hospital to shop for a new outfit, she falls and breaks her nose, and can't show herself at Savannah's party in a facial cast.

    Miss Nose It All
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Season 3

  • Curse of Reptar

    After Stu sells an invention, he tells the kids that he's splurging on a built-in swimming pool. While digging up the yard, the construction crew unearths the Rats' old mechanical Reptar toy. The kids fondly remember it, but decide to throw it away, until, during an electrical storm, they become convinced that they've angered Reptar.

    Curse of Reptar
  • It's Karma Dude!

    Dil introduces Angelica to the concept of karma after she deviously beats out Susie for a singing gig. When she wakes up with a giant pimple, she becomes convinced that she must change her ways in order for it to disappear before showtime. Ultimately, Angelica comes clean to Susie who takes the stage for her, and to her chagrin, learns that skin outbreaks are a matter of hormones, not fate.

    It's Karma Dude!
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Season 4

  • River Rats

    Sick of Phil's overuse of video games, Betty decides to take him, Tommy, and Chuckie on a rafting adventure, with Chas in tow as a helping hand.

    River Rats
  • Lost at Sea

    When Charlotte is downsized out of her CEO position at MegaCorp, she reacts by attempting to become a supermom. She decides to be Angelica's best friend, enrolling them in several mother/daughter activities, resulting in endless embarrassments.

    Lost at Sea
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Season 5

  • All Broke Up

    Tommy and Rachel break up because Rachel's family is moving away. Surprisingly, Tommy feels okay. His friends, however, are convinced that Tommy is in denial and they go over board trying to help Tommy cope with his grief.

    All Broke Up
  • Petition This

    Fed up with the annoyance that cell phones cause at school, Kimi decides to start a petition to ban cell phones. Angelica, an avid cell phone lover, decides to start her own counter petition, but no one will sign it because no one likes Angelica. She decides to make Chuckie the poster boy for her campaign. Angelica's dirty tactics go too far and cause Kimi and Chuckie to hate each other.

    Petition This
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