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All Creatures Great and Small

IMDB: 8.2

1978, 7 seasons to date

Comedy / Drama


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James Herriot is a vet in Yorkshire, England, during the 1940's. He is assigned to the practice of Siegfried Farnon, who (together with his mischievous brother Tristan) already have a successful business. James undergoes a variety of adventures during his work, which are just as often caused by the characters of the county (including the Farnon brothers) as the animals in his care.

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Season 1

  • 50
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Horse Sense
    Set in the 1930's, young vet James Herriot arrives in th...
    Jan 8, 1978
  • 50
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Dog Days
    James is on pins and needles awaiting the results of the...
    Jan 15, 1978
  • It Takes All Kinds

    James visits the Alderson farm to treat a calf with a broken leg and meets the very attractive Helen Alderson for the first time. Meanwhile, Siegfried decides to bring to some business-like discipline to the practice by hiring a secretary, Miss Harbottle. Not surprisingly, she turns out to something more than he expected!

    It Takes All Kinds
  • Calf Love

    James continues to pine for Helen and learns he has a rival for her affections in the form of Richard Edmundson, a wealthy member of the local gentry. Tristan suggests James may want to join the local musical society - especially since Helen is a regular attendee. Tristan has another all-nighter with the bell ringers, leading Siegfried to believe he has too much time on his hands. So he puts him in charge of some newly acquired piglets. Mrs. Pumphrey also acquires a new pet pig, Nugent, and she asks Uncle Herriot to examine him. Siegfried reaches the breaking point ...

    Calf Love
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Season 2

  • Fair Means and Fowl

    Tristan treats Albert Skerry's bloated cow by releasing some of its stomach gas. Unfortunately, as he does so, Mr. Skerry strikes a match with the expected results. The humour of it all is lost on Siegfried when he receives a solicitor's letter requesting compensation. Ewan Ross, a nearby vet, asks for some help and Siegfried suggests James go out and give him a hand. Ross is a formidable character who is not only one of the best horse vets around, but is also reputed to be overly fond of drink. Siegfried gets the idea that they should raise guinea fowl; pandemonium ...

    Fair Means and Fowl
  • The Beauty of the Beast

    Siegfried has to deal with Walt Barnett, a nasty and demanding client who seems to go out of his way to be unpleasant. When Barnett needs a horse gelded, Siegfried has the perfect plan to get the better of him. James and Helen visit Jack Gilling's farm where Helen spent a great deal of time as a young girl. She is saddened by the decline in the use of farm horses but is pleased to see Badger, now the only remaining horse on the farmer. When Badger falls ill, Mr. Gilling has a difficult decision to make.

    The Beauty of the Beast
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Season 3

  • Every Dog His Day...

    Mr. Biggins tells James about his cowhand, Ned Finch, who goes drinking every night and is drawn to the bright lights of the big city. All James ever sees is an amiable fellow having a quiet drink in his local pub. Mrs. Hall is all aflutter with the visit of Mr. Barge, the loquacious pharmaceutical representative. Mrs.Pumphrey is worried when her new boxer, Cedric, proves to be overly flatulent. James finds a perfect solution. Mr. Beresford's dog is still misbehaving in the car. Siegfried suggest a new sedative, but it unfortunately doesn't have the desired impact.

    Every Dog His Day...
  • Hair of the Dog

    Tristan and Siegfried meet Roddy, a hobo and his dog who are passing through the area. Mrs. Hall needs to visit sick relatives for a few days and Tristan is assigned chief cook and bottle washer. He also has to do the spring cleaning, cook the meals and put in his time in the surgery. Siegfried is less than sympathetic when Tristan complains. Granville Bennett stops in wanting the vets to care for his dog, Phoebe, who needs an minor operation. He invites James and Siegfried to lunch the next day and James once again over imbibes. Helen practices her first aid skills ...

    Hair of the Dog
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Season 4

  • The Bull with the Bowler Hat

    With his new responsibilities, Tristan tries to convince skeptical farmers of the benefits of artificial insemination. Getting nowhere with Deirdre, Tristan accepts Calum's suggestion that she be invited for dinner where Calum will prepare a special dish for them. Unfortunately for Tristan, Deirdre and Calum seem to have a lot in common. James blames himself when a cow he was treating dies and he's now concerned that legal action might be taken against him. He also has to treat Humphrey Cobbs' pregnant dog. There's nothing wrong with the dog except when its owner who,...

    The Bull with the Bowler Hat
  • The Pig Man Cometh

    Siegfried deals with two brothers who are constantly bickering. He also treats Mr. Bootland's sick horse and receives an interesting offer. Lionel Brough decides to buy a pig farm, but runs into problems when his stock fall ill with what James suspects is swine fever. When Tristan finds himself the butt of a farmer's practical joke, he decides to return the favor. Tristan begins to see the writing on the wall when he learns Deirdre left her dogs in Calum's care. When Mrs. Dryden tells James that she is selling her house, he sets his sights on buying it at auction but ...

    The Pig Man Cometh
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Season 5

  • Choose a Bright Morning

    Calum returns from Ireland and is thrilled to hear that Deirdre will be spending a week in Darrowby; unfortunately, the week doesn't quite go as planned. Siegfried treats a horse after it suffers a serious fall and James is introduced to a family of cat lovers. Tristan meanwhile treats a dog who seems to take great joy in biting him. He subsequently learns that he must go to Ireland for the next month to continue the tuberculin testing.

    Choose a Bright Morning
  • The Playing Field

    Life is a bit more hectic than usual at Skeldale House with Siegfried away at a conference, Helen still confined to her bed and Tristan undertaking a round of farewell parties before heading off to Ireland. James' friend Andrew Bruce visits for a week and accompanies him on his rounds. James treats a horse with a mysterious ailment, Calum takes delight in gently tormenting a straight-arrow farmer and everyone grows tired of Tristan's limited culinary skills (which seem limited to bangers and mash - fried sausages and mashed potatoes). James panics when he realizes he ...

    The Playing Field
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Season 6

  • The Call of the Wild

    Siegfried and Calum visit Mrs. Bond to treat one of her menagerie of cats. To his shock and dismay, Siegfried thinks he sees Boris, one of her more vicious tomcats that he was sure he had put down the year before. Turns out it's 'son of Boris' and Calum is subsequently called to treat him. Siegfried angrily criticizes Calum for having wildlife in the surgery, but then regrets his action when Calum receives the job offer of a lifetime: vet in a wild game reserve in Nova Scotia. James helps Mrs. Hazlitt determine if her pet has been properly trained as a sheepdog. For ...

    The Call of the Wild
  • The Nelson Touch

    Siegfried calls on the Blackwoods to treat a sick dog, but soon realizes that another member of the household is in need of care and arranges for the local doctor to pay a visit. Siegfried also has to deal with the very odd Mr. Hopps who seeks his advice on the care of his dog. Hopps never produces the dog however and Siegfried becomes aware that he is taking advantage of the situation at the Blackwood farm. James has trouble communicating with the farmhands at Lord Hulton's estate - until they decide he can do no wrong when picking winners for the football pools!

    The Nelson Touch
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Season 7

  • If Music Be the Food of Love

    Tristan takes a sudden interest in the local choir - or more specifically, one of the choir members, Jane Mercer. When she takes an interest in a donkey that is ill-fed, Tristan goes well beyond the call of duty to support her. A visit from Granville Bennett with a sick dog, Persephone, is a pleasure for everyone in the practice. When James finds out that he is to be on his own with Granville for an evening at the pub however, he redoubles his resolve to not over-imbibe. Biggins is still up to his old antics getting the vets out to his farm at all hours but not being ...

    If Music Be the Food of Love
  • A Friend for Life

    James and Siegfried have to deal with the Shadwells whose cattle are seriously ill. Bill Shadwell will soon be retiring and apparently refuses to face facts and the whole situation is causing considerable friction in the Shadwell family. Siegfried has to convince Mr. Grimsdale that his bull requires a operation. Unfortunately, Grimsdale is as concerned about his money as he is about the bull. Tristan is having fun with his latest toy - a cumbersome army surplus metal detector.

    A Friend for Life
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