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Alaskan Bush People

IMDB: 6.3

2014, 10 seasons to date



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A journey deep into Alaska's bush, where naturalist and adventurer Billy Brown, along with his wife, Ami, and their seven children, chooses to live life on his own terms, connected to wild nature and bonded to each other. The family of nine strives to be self-sufficient against all odds- often shunning modern society to live off the wilderness and to walk where no man has ever walked before. After the tragic death of his parents and sister that left him orphaned at 16, Billy Brown vowed to live life on his own terms and create his own family to reclaim the love that he lost. With Ami by his side, Billy traveled the lower 48 states and eventually found home in the sprawling landscape of the last frontier, where they have spent most of the last 30 years raising their children. "Our family is doing what is natural for human beings to do. We survive on what we hunt, fish, trap and barter for," Brown says. "We explore, we wander, we live. If you think about it, it's the life we were meant ...

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Season 1

  • Blindsided

    As the Browns race to finish their cabin, temperatures plummet and an illness hits the family. Their ability to survive the winter rests on the brothers as they race to get essential supplies and complete the home.Then, the unexpected strikes.

  • Fight or Flight

    A confrontation on the Browns property shuts down production and forces them to make a big decision.

    Fight or Flight
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Season 2

  • Return to the Wild

    After working hard and banding together, he Brown's are determined to make it to their new piece of land; After avoiding disaster on the seas, the family seeks help from an old friend.

    Return to the Wild
  • Welcome to Browntown

    The Brown's have set up their home site with everything they need; When the boys' skills seem a bit rusty, they must prove to Billy that they still have what it takes and take on whatever roles they need to.

    Welcome to Browntown
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Season 3

  • Divide and Conquer

    Nearing the end of hunting season, Matt and Bam must bring back meat for the family while the other Brown kids venture into new territory in search of egg-laying chickens. 27-year-old Bear goes out on his first official date ever.

    Divide and Conquer
  • Bloodlines

    Ami is forced to confront her past and the life she left behind years ago, while the Brown boys work a tough demolition job to salvage goods to complete their new home.

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Season 4

  • Block and Tackle

    The Brown family of nine makes the most of the long days during the short Alaskan summer. They hatch a plan to deal with a lumber shortage but then a sudden injury threatens to split the family apart.

    Block and Tackle
  • Dock-u-drama

    Matt, Bam, Bear, and Gabe head out on their first-ever hauling job without father and it's anything but smooth sailing. Back in Browntown, Bird, Rain, and Noah do their best to keep their homestead stable.

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Season 5

Season 6

Season 7