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Akame ga Kill!

IMDB: 7.9

2014, 1 seasons to date

Animation / Action / Comedy


Latest Episodes

A young countryside boy sets to the capital with the dream to become part of the country army. Unsuccessful he encounters a women who promises him a chance to enter the army if he pays her enough, the young boy unaware gives all his money and then finds out the he was tricked. Not having any money decides to sleep in the streets, the same night a young and beautiful women picks him op from the street and takes him home. Tatsumi stays a night since they promise him a position in the army as well. One night the house is visited by a group of assassins called night raid but who are the real bad guys of this story. Tatsumi ends up joining night raid and finds out that he identifies his self in this group more then in the army.

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Season 1

  • Kill Your Cares

    Mine is next up on Tatsumi's training sessions partners, and her taciturn nature makes things difficult to say the least. Meanwhile, a new assignment comes up, and Mine and Tatsumi are to carry out an assassination.

    Kill Your Cares
  • Kill the Imperial Arm Users

    Tatsumi learns about the history of the Imperial Arms, and wants one of his own. Night Raid's latest target is also revealed: Zank the Executioner, who's hobbies include cutting off people's heads.

    Kill the Imperial Arm Users
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