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IMDB: 6.7

1984, 3 seasons to date

Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

By Donald P. Bellisario

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Airwolf is the most sophisticated helicopter imaginable (flies halfway round the world, outruns jet planes). Stringfellow Hawke is its pilot, essentially blackmailing a secret US agency into finding his brother (lost in Vietnam) while he flies dangerous assignments for "The Firm."

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Season 1

  • Proof Through the Night

    A Russian mole discovers that scientists in the U.S.S.R. have developed a lethal serum that instantly kills anyone exposed to it. He steals a vial of the serum and contacts his friend Archangel for help in escaping the country with his family. Archangel dispatches Hawke and Santini for the rescue effort, but Airwolf can't handle that much passenger weight -- unless all her armaments are stripped leaving the supercopter defenseless.

    Proof Through the Night
  • One Way Express

    A movie producer hires Santini Air for a dangerous stunt involving the landing of a helicopter onto the roof of a moving semi. Dom and String nearly come to blows, however, when String tries to convince Dom that his reaction time might not be up to snuff for this particular action sequence. Things get even more dicey when it appears that the production might just be an elaborate cover for a high-stakes gold heist.

    One Way Express
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Season 2

  • Moffett's Ghost

    The Firm asks String to covertly shuttle a renowned researcher and diplomat, Dr. Roger Burton, to Russia for a secret meeting since Airwolf can get past the Russian defenses without being detected. Unfortunately, before Hawke can go back and recover Dr. Burton, a virus implanted by Airwolf's creator, the late Dr. Moffett, rears its ugly head and threatens not only the destruction of the supercopter but the elimination of the Firm as well unless a computer programmer String knows can undo the damage the evil Dr. Moffett concocted.

    Moffett's Ghost
  • The Truth About Holly

    String and Dom rescue Dom's niece from her abusive boyfriend and return her to the U.S. Unfortunately, the boyfriend hasn't given up on her yet and sends his goons in search of her. Caitlin O'Shaughnessy (Jean Bruce Scott) re-enters the picture, asking Dom for a job at his hangar. Meanwhile, while trying to assimilate to life in the U.S., Holly (Barbara Howard) begins hanging out on a movie set with String and Dom. Not all is quite as it appears when a serious of incidents lead String and Dom to confront Holly's ex-boyfriend and they make a disturbing discovery that ...

    The Truth About Holly
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Season 3

  • And a Child Shall Lead

    Leading aircraft designer, Robert Phelps, is abducted by foreign agents to the horror of his mentally challenged son, Bobby. Hawke decides to try and find Phelps, obtaining leads from Bobby, whose autism gives him the ability to draw detailed clues from memory. While in the agent's custody, Phelps has a sudden heart-attack and is rendered useless to them. Hawke has to find him for Bobby.

    And a Child Shall Lead
  • Fortune Teller

    Archangel is held captive by a powerful arms dealer who needs information to complete the work on a highly advanced maneuvering system for fighter jets - Fortune Teller. With the help from a psychic, String and Dom endeavor to find their friend before it's too late.

    Fortune Teller
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