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IMDB: 7.5

1968, 7 seasons to date

Comedy / Crime / Drama

By Robert A. Cinader

Latest Episodes

A realistic police drama following the lives of two officers of the LAPD, veteran Pete Malloy and his rookie partner, Jim Reed. Done in a spare, almost "docudrama" style, each episode covered a variety of incidents that the officers encountered during a shift, from the tragic to the trivial.

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Season 1

  • Log 11: It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?

    Reed dents the fender of the patrol car while putting gas in it and frets the entire shift about the impact of it on his career. Meanwhile they deal with a man who wants revenge against a woman who testified against his son.

    Log 11: It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?
  • Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Jobs, and We Have Ours

    Malloy is still in the process of training the rookie Reed. Before their shift the officers trade comments with two detectives. Reed inquires whether Malloy has considered moving from patrol to the detective squad. They receive a missing child call from a frantic mother but quickly find the boy under the house with a cat and her new litter. TJ, a recovering addict flags the officers down and tells them about a scuffle he heard at the hotel where he stays. They find a man stabbed and dead. Malloy teaches Reed the proper procedures to preserve the scene and calls the ...

    Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Jobs, and We Have Ours
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Season 2

  • Log 52: Good Cop - Handle with Care

    A pair of freelance reporters are determined to do a story on police brutality, and harass Reed and Malloy as their marks. The officers warn the reporters to cease their behavior, but they don't and they end up causing a tragedy.

    Log 52: Good Cop - Handle with Care
  • Log 23: Pig Is a Three-Letter Word

    Reed is shaken by a child molester and learns valuable lessons on controlling his emotions. They handle a potential dead body, father-son robbery team and a pair of black men who shoot a pair of store owners and try to create a race riot.

    Log 23: Pig Is a Three-Letter Word
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Season 3

  • Log 95: Purse Snatcher

    Malloy and Reed assist Officer Brinkman in tracking down a serial purse-snatching gang led by a teen named Benji. Brinkman goes undercover in drag while Malloy, Reed, and Sgt. MacDonald monitor from unmarked cars. Once the gang is apprehended, Malloy takes on Benji's inattentive father who can't seem to get it through his thick skull that purse snatching is a serious crime. Returning from their two days off, they respond to a 2-11 in progress where they find the store owner hit by a bullet and Benji, who was released after only one day, wielding a gun. Armed and ...

    Log 95: Purse Snatcher
  • Log 45: Bright Boy

    Malloy and Reed have a monotonous day interrupted by two rambunctious female felonious joyriders, an exceptionally bright young boy with a photographic memory named Harold that clues them into a home burglary ring disguised as movers, respond to two paint-sniffing country bumpkins shooting rifles at a suspended box of dynamite, and check out a beauty school client who lodges a potentially explosive complaint. While at the station, Malloy and Reed decide to check in on Harold to discover he doesn't see the burglar's mugshot in the books. When they give Harold a ride ...

    Log 45: Bright Boy
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Season 4

  • The Grandmothers

    A drug addict robs a store run by elderly women selling small items they make by sewing things such as pot holders and doilies. They spot a convertible with three men just after they are reported on the radio to have held up a store. A pursuit takes place and, together with Mac, arrest the three men. Later a nearby antique shop is held up by someone with a similar description to the first robber. He asked for a limited amount of money and a later call back to the first shop indicates he returned the money stolen earlier. A car is spotted making a rolling stop at a ...

    The Grandmothers
  • The Radical

    On patrol they encounter a squad car that is deserted and they have not heard any officer announce stopping there. When they check it out, they find that a lone officer saw a hitchhiker and had chased him down with a bag of stolen items. During roll call the officers are told to be on the lookout for the radical Robin Saydo who has ties to bombings. The department wants him trailed but not picked up. Malloy receives a call from retired security officer Fred Tibbles who works on the docks and is being forced to overlook thefts. They come upon a truck driver who was ...

    The Radical
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Season 5

  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Dirt Duel
    A pair of motorcyclists snatch handbags and go off-road...
    Sep 13, 1972
  • 30
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: The Late Baby
    The spicy summer temp sets the officers abuzz. They lear...
    Sep 20, 1972
  • Airdrop

    Reed and Malloy spend most of their time in the countryside surrounding Los Angeles. Among their more mundane tasks is to stop an erratic driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, the bigger catch is alerted to them by Teri, a girl on horseback, who saw a light plane land in secluded field. Reed and Malloy investigate to see the plane and a departing jeep off in the distance. When they arrive just in time as the plane is about to take off, they flag the plane to a halt. The rented plane is piloted by Paul Stocker, a cocky but "clean" individual who had...

  • Lost and Found

    In a combined episode with Emergency, a boy runs away from the hospital when he is afraid due to his diagnosis. Malloy dates a woman volunteer on the hospital hot-line who is handling a teenage suicide when the program's funding is cut.

    Lost and Found
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Season 6

  • Foothill Division: Mac's Boots

    At roll call Mac reports that three fishing rods and a custom made one of a kind pair of cowboy boots with green leather detail were stolen from his camper. He offers two steak dinners for their recovery. A report from a horse riding stable leads to Malloy, Reed, and Mac riding horseback to a remote mine shaft after the thieves where Mac hopes to find his boots but to no avail. When they return to the station, Officer Wells is taking up a collection for a man, his daughter and her baby to have gas money to make it to San Franisco for an operation on the baby for a ...

    Foothill Division: Mac's Boots
  • West Valley Division

    During patrol they notice a very nice looking woman walking her Scott Terrier. Air 10 requests Adam-12 help to stop a motorcyclist riding in the dry hills with potential to start a wildfire. Results in pursuit and following Air-10's directions to his house where a discussion with the young man and his mother ensues. A call to a movie theater by a patron who found the manager and ticket saleslady both missing. A search reveals them tied up upstairs. A man on a gray motorcycle had held them up. They stop a gray motorcycle but the rider is a woman. Another patrol car ...

    West Valley Division
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Season 7

  • Teamwork

    Reed and Malloy are assigned to "team policing", where officers from different departments work as a unit. Their team uncovers and busts a car accident insurance scam and works an undercover stakeout for a daylight burglar.

  • Roll Call

    When an officer calls for help but fails to give his name or location, it results in a frantic search for the missing officer. The dispatcher helps by doing a roll call of all the known officers on patrol at the time of the call, while Reed and Malloy assist in the search. A motorcycle officer is the one who is missing, eventually leading their comrades to a parking garage and an armed hostage situation.

    Roll Call
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